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Welcome to adlib!

ADLIB ADVERTISING & MARKETING CONSULTANTS as the name suggest, is much more than just an advertising agency offering multi-media advertising services to product and corporate accounts. It is a fully integrated, one-stop communication shop - with specialized multi-disciplinary departments that together, offer you a wide spectrum of services - Advertising, Public Relation, Electronics, Corporate Identity Programs, Financial advertising, Exhibitions and much more.

ADLIB has its Head Office in Chandigarh, having a big presence in this region with the background and expertise available with us. We have been able to render actively good advertising services to our clients. You may rest assure, that we have the manpower, infrastructure and resources to plan and administer a good publicity campaign.

We at ADLIB ADVERTISING & MARKETING CONSULTANTS, are engaged in promotional activities of our clients through different media. Some of the highlights of the proposal enlisting a few benefits which your organisation would procure are stated below :

  1. CLIENT SATISFACTION: We at adlib, constantly strive to channelize our imagination to provide a fresh and meaningful perspective in our field of specialization - advertising and communication, ensuring satisfactory results for the advertising campaigns we undertake.
  2. PUBLIC RELATIONS CELL: To ensure a comprehensive, well focused Public Relations umbrella, adlib has a specialized PR network covering all major metros and sub-metros in the country. This leads not to timely co-ordinated, nationwide press coverage for our clients, but to the efficient and professional handling press/ broker conference in all the cities-where the client is listed.
    We carry your imagination to the people of not so importance to you, for a whole, but they will, when we present you and your product to them in just a different way.
  3. DYNAMIC TEAM WORK: We firmly believe that creativity is not the exclusive domain of the creative department. In-fact, we owe our success to the ability of each member of our team, to think differently.
    Today ADLIB is a fountainhead of high profile from the field. Established communicators with clearly defined and sharply focused specialization. In step with incredible speed with which globalization and vigorous corporate re-orientation are changing the ways of business. And in perfect harmony with changing consumer attitudes, aspiration, preferences and life styles.
  4. ELECTRONIC MEDIA: The virtual blitzkreig of multiple satellite channels and the globalization of the Indian market have added new dimensions to communication.

Anticipating this, we have enhanced our operations, to become a truly multi-dimensional communication organization. Besides multi-media advertising, which we have specialized in for close to a decade, we have now successfully diversified into event management and marketing for the electronic media. We find growth, the most potent stimulant of all. Growth, linked to achievement. And achievements, we believe, knows no limits. ADLIB's professional expertise has covered the widest spectrum of all aspects of advertising as detailed hereunder: ADLIB records with a great sense of achievement the successful execution of a large variety of jobs for various clients, present and past, in the most judicious and cost effective media mix:

  1. National Press Campaigns: Sales as well as Corporate:
  2. Statutory Advertising
  3. Public Relations:
    • Press Conference
    • Seminars & Dealers Conference
    • Exhibitions & Fairs
    • Beauty Content & Fashion Shows
    • Direct mail & Introductory Brochures
  4. Audio Visual : Cinema : TV : Radio : Commercial AD Films, Jingles/ Spots
  5. Outdoor Publicity
  6. Print Productions
  7. Market Research & Survey

Antecedents of adlib!

The life of an agency is time-bound. Whatever the job - a leaflet or a national campaign – the clock starts ticking. At ADLIB the deadline is final arbiter.

Advertising is a public opinion building business. There may not be any other business as people-driven as this one.

ADLIB is a communications agency. It believes in finding, holding and managing talent, creating environment where ideas can flourish.

It is identified as a professionally managed agency of the new generation. After commencement of business in 1997, ADLIB has made rapid strides in several directions; it has offices and representatives in most of the important business Centre's in the country servicing clients from various disciplines of industry in the public and corporate sector.

Being locked in a continuous competitive environment, ADLIB retains its clients through its diverse talents and ability to produce a good agency product. ADLIB's growth can be attributed to its clients as it is being recommended by one client to another.

ADLIB identifies the needs and objectives of the client, involving itself almost as an extension of client's marketing organisation.

Within short time, ADLIB has acquired expertise in print, electronics, outdoor, digital, foreign media and our services are being avidly sought for by our clients.

Team adlib!

Company Details


With an integrated model on brand communication,
we deliver the desired results through;

Branding & Strategic Planning

Branding is much more than a logo; it's the true essence of your business. It's what your company is, what it does, how it communicates to potential customers and how you want them to perceive your company.

Framework & Foundation

You may have the product and the passion. But what really matters is a framework that illustrates the overall identity. A brand needs to be the whole package; a combination of appearance, substance, core skills & values of the company. That's why we call branding the bigger picture.

Brand Building - Our Way

We do BRAND ANALYSES and Brand Identity for our clients, which involve analyzing the existing product offerings through the eyes of the advertiser, the customer and the competition. Brand building efforts are reviewed and revised on the market standards.

Brand Planning / Communication

We development and implement innovative brand Communication programs that express the brand's identity through conventional and online Medias.

Media Planning and Buying

At ADLIB, we provide integrated media services, from preparing an efficient and effective media plans to its implementation and evaluation; we deliver the best suited plan with the best available negotiated media rates.


Our designs are prepared to combine the relevant message with presenting media a well synergised communication plan that's creative and innovative for the client.


Our rational media strategies are responsive as both, client issues and consumer behavior related to media contact are taken into consideration

Integrated Content & Design

The purpose of design is to support the brand strategy by being the face of it. The science behind our designs is to ensure that every single touch point that the brand uses to interact with its audiences is created to offer an integrated experience. We aim to engage audiences in fresh and innovative ways, and go beyond aesthetics to forge emotional connects. How we do it is the art bit of it.


Designing Brand Communications

Brand Identity Designs

Corporate Designs

Graphic Designs

Market Research

Information Designs

Interactive Designs

Packaging Designs

Website Designs

Interactive & e-Media

Online Markerting Strategy


Search Engine Optimizations

Social Media Marketing

International Media

Viral Marketing

Public Relations

Direct Marketing

Client Servicing

We at ADLIB believe in "extraordinary chemistry that exists in long-term relationships"

ADLIB creates advertising that works, which are Eye-catching, Hard Selling, Communicative and High Performer advertisements.

ADLIB is staffed by young, energetic and qualified executives, having all the autonomy and freedom they need to serve the clients efficiently and yet come under the management control to derive maximum benefit from its broad spectrum experience and overall view.

ADLIB provides messages based on exciting ideas that remain in the memory.

ADLIB promises excellent reproduction as it believes that an excellent campaign may flop if its reproduction in print is defective. Having a long experience of working for various clients, ADLIB has developed an expertise to save clients expenses upto 25%. ADLIB provides case studies to prove this point.

ADLIB is handling more than 45 clients (Government, Corporate, Universities & Institutes of National importance. Some of them are with ADLIB since its inception.

ADLIB has the distinction of being winners of the national awards.

ADLIB believes that there is simply no substitute for advertising that works.

Corporate Philosophy

“For ADLIB, advertising is neither a craft guild nor an expression of arts. It is an important business function. ADLIB welds the creative process with the logic and pragmatism of business purpose”.

As a full service agency, ADLIB takes up responsibility and accountability to analyse the advertising needs of clients, plan and create advertising and place it for dissemination through various media. On the basis of its synergistic experience, market knowledge, a stronger pull for talent and a better working climate, ADLIB offers its client a variety of services.

ADLIB's professional competence lies in its Planning efficiently, managing different functional cells of the agency with pragmatic professionalism. This draws together Regional Heads and Corporate Executives responsible for management and resources.

Before making recommendations and presenting a campaign with complete rationale, ADLIB analyses them threadbare, keeping in view the market trends; segmentation and processes; target groups; consumer desire, behavior and motivations; competitors' strategy; etc. Once the basic approaches are clearly defined, objectives understood, and messages positioned, a complete team of professionals in various phase, is assigned the task of developing the entire campaign for presentation to the client.

ADLIB always remains accountable to its clients and hence it is considered responsible and dependable.


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